Active Investing supports entrepreneurs create to build industry leading high-tech companies of enduring value!

Active entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs

A financial investment in most case is not sufficient to build a successful company, especially when the company faces competitive and fast growing markets. In depth experience is often lacking in the early stages for making the right decisions. Finance-sit-wait does hardly ever work and does not reflect our entrepreneurial spirit. We want to be actively involved. EGORA offers this very special support to their portfolio companies.

Our team includes entrepreneurs, who have started and successfully managed their own companies. We know the dynamics of high-tech markets and can empathize with entrepreneurial passion and vision. We know how to efficiently support new business ideas by advising our partner companies during the value-adding process from product development to production, launch, sales and marketing.

High-Tech Specialization
Detailed expertise in core technologies

We know from our experience that an advanced in-depth knowledge in key technologies is decisive for success. The better you understand the technology, the more ideas and options for action you will have. Our passion for High-Tech is the best basis for understanding advanced technological development.

We concentrate on some specific fields, in order to maintain and develop our detailed knowledge. We have years of experience in the following high-tech markets:

This focus allows us, as an investment partner, to better understand technical developments of our partners. It also allows an evaluation of the chances for success and synergistic potential as well as provides adequate operative support.

An in-depth understanding of existing markets and penetrating of new business segments are not incompatible. On the contrary, transferring our existing knowledge to related markets allows us to continue expanding our technology focus.

Investment Profile and Engagement Portfolio

EGORA Ventures AG has developed a clear vision for extending their technology portfolio. It is based on experience with current and prior investments and their support.

  • We are experienced in financing initial and early-stage phases. We invest in enterprises with product concepts or prototypes which will meet the requirements of a timely product launch and conquer your markets.
  • We know that the success of a start-up is driven by the founding team. Therefore, an experienced and trustworthy management team is the basic prerequisite for our investment. Plus: The team should believe that our active personal involvement fuels their future success. Your are in the driver-seat steering your business – but we will not be passive partners, we will support actively.
  • Technology is our business. Therefore we invest exclusively in business ideas backed by a unique technology and protected intellectual property.
  • We invest in business ideas, which will change the worldwide volume markets of the future.
  • We will invest up to Euro 5 Million in European and North American enterprises.

Investment Criteria
Our decisions are guided by a clear idea of preferred investments

For evaluating investments EGORA requires a sustainable businessplan, preferably in English. The plans must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • The new technology must allow clear advantages to customers.
  • The company must have a competent and motivated management team which will drive the business idea.
  • The enterprise will operate in business markets and will strive for a leading position.
  • The business model must be scalable.
  • The intellectual property of the company must be long-term and defendable.
  • The founders and the management wants us to take an active role in their company.
  • The start-ups should seek active support from EGORA´s operative holding and management team.
  • The capital invested must be exclusively used for further building the enterprise.
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