Active Investing supports entrepreneurs create to build industry leading high-tech companies of enduring value!


Solid Base
20+ years of experience in founding and successfully developing high-tech companies. We create spin-offs and finance these and other young ventures.You can use this platform for your growth and success.

High-Tech Network
High degree of competence in technology and in American and European markets enable us to work as initiator, active supporter, and driving-force for new companies

Management Team
We believe in and care for unquestionable integrity and individuality. We are serial entrepreneurs and continue to be involved in active business.

The EGORA Board is exemplary for its entrepreneurial spirit. Each individual member of the board has started a business successfully and knows what it means to turn a business idea into a successful company.

Management Team

Dr Nikolaus Zwick Board / Managing Partner,
Philipp A. Weber Board / Managing Partner

Our decision to finance your future business is linked to your will to let us be actively involved. We are active entrepreneurs. We do not support finance-sit-wait. If you are looking for active partners that you want to be involved in your business, we are the appropriate partners for you. We believe in and care for unquestionable integrity and individuality. We are serial entrepreneurs and continue to be involved in active business.

Supervisory Board

Eric V. Protiva Chairman
Marc T. Protiva Deputy Chair,
Georg P. Raedler Member

Solid base for future activities

Being an active and operative investment company, we are a hands-on tech investor with an exceptional heritage:
We have successfully been active in European and American markets for 20+ years. Our entrepreneurs have founded seven spin-off companies, which as of today employ more than 2000 people in multiple countries.

We offer start-ups an unique combination of capital, know-how, personal involvement, network and synergies. Founders and management teams in our ventures benefit from our experience in start-ups in the components, systems and service industries, and from a close network in the high-tech industry. We have a clear vision of growth and success, that we actively bring to reality with the help of purely internally financed investments and our hands-on personal involvement. Our portfolio of eight partner companies consists of external start-ups and internal spin-offs.
We have created a solid foundation for a successfull future by (a) focusing and responding to the requirements of our partner companies, and (b) by staying entrepreneurial involved.

High Tech Network

Our added value contribution to partner companies exceeds mere financial support. All companies in our group profit from our closely knit high-tech network, our entrepreneurial know-how, and our personal involvement.

It was not accidental that entrepreneurs used the market opportunities, offered by high-tech, to start up seven new companies, are founded by EGORA.

Today all subsidiaries develop and serve their own markets with their products and solutions, which include a full spectrum of Broadband Communications, SaaS Enabled Marketplaces through to platform technology of Life Science industry.

Investment decisions of EGORA Ventures Group were made in logical consequence from these fields of competence. All partner companies can make use of the experiences and valuable contacts of our entrepreneurs and board members which is extremely useful to technology companies in their early development phases.

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