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EGORA – the hands-on tech investors

EGORA Ventures AG heads an industrial- and investment group based in Martinsried next to Munich, Germany. We are active entrepreneurs. We do not support an investment approach finance-sit-wait. If you are looking for active partners that you want to be involved in your business, we are the appropriate partners. Our investments are focused in Broadband Communications, Industrial Optronics, Software and Web-Services, SaaS Enabled Marketplaces as well as Life Science Platform Technologies.

We support entrepreneurs with high potential technology skills and technical intellectual property who have the vision to build pioneering companies and the potential to become leaders in their industries. With up to EURO 5 million and our personal involvement, we help to develop early- and mid-stage companies especially in Germany and the USA. We are exceptionally experienced entrepreneurs who unterstand technology, people, and markets.


HeadBox awarded by Sunday Times TechTrack UK
Startups 100
#23 in 2018
#9 by 22june 2020


Business and tech professionals in The Sunday Times selected our portfolio company Headbox.

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