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ADVA Optical Networking SE

Munich and multiple worldwide locations

„Our vision is to be the leading metro solution provider for customer-driven next-generation networks.“ Brian L. Protiva, CEO


Leading global provider of metro-area optical networking solutions.


ADVA develops, manufactures and sells networking solutions for a modern telecommunication infrastructure. Its products are based on fiber-optic transmission technology combined with Ethernet functionality and intelligent software for network management and virtualization. Furthermore the portfolio includes timing and synchronization solutions for networks.


Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, communication service providers and internet content providers – global.

Brian Protiva CEO

ADVA Optical Networking SE

Foundation: 1994
Employees: ca. 2,100
Sales (2021): € 603.3 M
EGORA stake: 14.5%

ADVA Optical Networking SE
Fraunhoferstrasse 11
D-82152 Martinsried/Munich
Tel. +49 89 89577 577
Fax +49 89 89577 477

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